Hardwood Fuel Pellets
Wood Flour
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Our Mission

At Fiber By-Products Corporation, our goal is to provide prompt quality service to both the waste wood producers and the end users; by doing so we are able to divert many tons of wood waste from entering local landfills. By taking care of God’s green earth we can all breathe easier. We collect wood by-products from sawmills & wood shops and further process the fiber into wood pellets, wood flour, wood shavings and landscaping mulch. If you are interested in learning more about our company please contact us! Our professional service team is ready to assist you Monday thru Friday from 8:00AM to 4:00PM, EST.

About Us

Since 1992 Fiber By-Products, Corp has been the link between waste wood producers and end users. Our services provide waste producers the environmental friendly option of keeping many tons of wood waste out of local landfills. We recycle and process wood fiber daily to supply the agriculture and equine industry with quality animal bedding, factories with boiler fuel and homeowners and landscapers with quality, long lasting wood mulch. Our processed wood fiber is also used by manufacturers of fire logs and wood-plastic composites. We also have the capacity to produce upwards of 100,000 tons of premium pellet fuel annually with the capabilities of manufacturing even more! Just think, our pellets are heating 30,000 homes each year at a lower cost then gas and oil and with a much less carbon footprint. Think Green! Save money and our planet.

Raw Materials

Fiber By-Products Corp. is always looking for additional supplies or clean wood sawdust, shavings, chips and grindings. Are you a sawmill, cabinet shop, flooring mill, etc..? Are you sawing / cutting wood and creating sawdust? WE WANT YOUR WASTE!

  • Kiln Dried or Green
  • Competitive prices paid for high volume, clean virgin residuals
  • Can be delivered to us or let us help you service your facility with our collection trailers.
  • On-going, year-round supply needed!
  • Contact us today to see how we can help you with removal of you wood by-products