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Fuel pellets are a renewable source of fuel, an alternative to gas or oil made from recycling and processing wood waste. We do not cut down trees to produce this fuel, but we do keep tons and tons of wood waste from entering landfills.

For more information on wood pellet fuel please visit: Pellet Fuels Institute

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Hardwood Fuel Pellets
  • Meets and exceeds the pellet fuel institutes premium grade fuel standards, consistently!
  • Made from clean hardwood residues. Unlike our competitors we do not use round wood or whole tree chips due to bark and limb content which burn with heavy ash.
  • Our fuel pellets are of the hardest and densest on the market today. Compressed tightly to 45-47 lbs per cu. ft., ours burn hotter and cleaner.
  • Available in 40 lb bags, 15 kg bags, 1 ton bags and bulk
  • Will stack and package per customer requirements
  • Sold wholesale in truck load quantities
  • Call to learn more about becoming a dealer or call to locate a dealer in your area


Pro Pellet BagMagic Spark Bag
* We also fill various private label bags.     Team Fitzgerald


"USSC gives "Fiber" its highest rating and recommendation."

Of all the pellets we have burned over the past four years, yours are - clearly - the best.
- United States Stove Company

 “ProPellets are the best pellets that I have found.”
- Michael Zwiebel, Newark, OH

 “Your driver was very pleasant and courteous. Your equipment was top notch and the pellets were packaged so neatly and eye appealing for my customers. The pellets themselves are a quality product, so much more so than the other brand I handle.”
- Daniel Phillips, Brussels, WI

 “I put in a pellet stove last year in my basement. I tried 8 10 different kinds of pellets, and Pro Pellet was about the very best in burning clean and low ash.”
- Mark

 “Your Wood Pellets are the best we have ever tried. They are so clean and free of dust. You can count on us being a long time costumer.”
- Neil Smith, Mosinee, WI

“The staff at Fiber By-Products is top notch and very professional.  ProPellet™ burns very well, has little ash, and the bags last longer than any other brand of pellets the store has sold”
- Kinsman Stoves, LLC Kinsman, Ohio

"They are the best pellets we’ve ever found.  They are the cleanest burning. Thanks for making an outstanding pellet!"
- Linda Arnold, Lowell, IN

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