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Now you can landscape with confidence. Our landscaping mulches are sold bulk (loose) only. Available wholesale by the semi load or retail by the cubic yard picked up or delivered. Our mulches are all-natural and processed from virgin wood fibers containing no chemicals, contaminates or dyes.

Mulch Types


Color: Reddish brown – rich cedar aroma
Type: Shredded bark and wood – 100% cedar
Application: Creates a very unique medium-colored landscape



Color: Dark brown – darkens with age
Type: Hardwood bark processed to a consistent size
Application: Creates a beautiful dark-colored landscape


Color: Medium brown
Type: Hardwood chips 1″ – 2″ diameter
Application: Excellent for an economical mulch or landscape



Description: 1″ minus wood chips manufactured to certified specifications (non-certified)
Application: Suitable for playground surfacing as a soft and safe cushion. Can also be used for landscaping mulch


Volume Calculator

This calculator will help you determine the exact amount of product you will need for your project. To begin, enter the width and length of your area…

1. Enter the length and width of your areas

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2. If you have any round areas, enter the diameter

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3. Enter your desired thickness

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