Coppercoin Transport, Inc.

Our delivery fleet operates as Coppercoin Transportation, Inc which is a fully licensed and insured trucking company. Our trucks run across the North Central United States picking up and delivering our products as well as other commercial goods.


We operate a fleet of live bottom, self unloading trailers. These open top, tarped trailers are capable of hauling both van freight from docks or loose bulk commodities such as wood chips and other agricultural commodities. The trailers are equipped with attachable hoppers to make unloading bulk grain into a pit or an elevator a breeze. 


15 late model freightliners with wet kits.

  • 50′ and 53′ high cube
  • Variety of spread axle, closed tandems and multi-axle
  • 145 cubic yards max bulk volume

*load size will vary depending on the type of material

Box Vans

  • Our bagged products like baled shavings and wood pellets are delivered in our van trailers
  • We have over 200 semi van trailers that our vendors can blow their sawdust, shavings and chips directly into
  • We are always looking for freight to bring with our trucks back to the Northern Indiana, Southern Michigan area
     *load size will vary depending on the type of material

Straight Trucks

  • Available for farm deliveries of our wood shavings if less then semi load quantities are required
  • Self unloading live floors
  • 10 tons or 50 cubic yards maximum load
    *load size will vary depending on the type of material